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Do you spend your time in a meeting managing others and never quite being able to engage? Do you ever leave a discussion feeling the time was spent in the wrong place, or the key people didn't say anything? Sessions frequently benefit from an external facilitator to design processes, balance input between people and drive everyone to the outcomes needed on the day.

Meetings, project development processes, partner reviews, board away days – they all prove to be more effective, and more enjoyable, when someone external can guide everyone through the day. Make your session count for more - employ us to facilitate it. We have a broad range of techniques at our finger tips to ensure a high level of participation, and our approaches build ownership to the outcomes determined.

"Having worked with Gayle Sutherland I would happily recommend her great blend of  group-based facilitation and development. 

Gayle is very flexible and highly intuitive to the needs of a very diverse range of participants"

Chris Taylor Director, SuperKrush Films

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